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About Us


  • transparency: we take decisions in a transparent way and we identify the most efficient and viable solutions, relating only to the client's interests
  • respect: we solve with the utmost importance every client and we are ready to match the highest standards
  • professionalism: our services are only in areas in which we can guarantee the highest professional competency
  • dedication: we seek and offer always the best solution for our clients, regardless the complexity of the case


  • prevention: providing the correct information regarding the limits of the rights and the liberties in the activities that the person, the state or the society develops
  • evaluation: legal ascertaining the facts and presenting promptly by our consultants, an honest and comprehensive review
  • alternative solutions: we offer an alternative in dispute resolution in a confidential manner, for a lesser amount of time and for lower costs compared to court proceedings
  • legal representation, specialized and qualified legal assistance


  • In the context of a constantly and rapidly changing society, and an increased complexity of the business environment, LEX PRAXIS offers comprehensive legal services suited to your needs. Through the maze of legal issues, we guide you to the best solution with the minimum costs.