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LEX PRAXIS provides comprehensive legal services to resolve effectively various legal issues at any stage of the case:

1. Formulation of legal opinions, memorandums on the facts required to be analyzed in order to identify the problem and it’s legal qualification.

2. Specialized legal advice, in order to find the best legal solutions and strategies for solving problems (opening a dispute, drafting a contract, conflict mediation, arbitration)

3. Designing, preparation and drafting a wide variety of complex legal documents: contracts, conventions, notifications, agreements, legal actions on contentious, adapted to current needs

4. Representation and legal assistance in front of:

  • all legal courts of law
  • jurisdictional authorities
  • the central and local public administration
  • notaries and judicial executors
  • other public institutions
  • other legal persons with specific means to defend and represent the legal rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of individuals and legal entities in all specialized fields

5. Mediation, in less time and with less cost, in a wide range of disputes, covering all legal domains: civil, commercial, etc.